Upcoming Mental Wellness Workshops

We are working hard on our 2018 lineup.  Please check back soon!


Past Mental Wellness Workshops And Events

December 2016:
Dealing Successfully with the Festive Season (click to watch video)
Led by Ashley Clemmens, MS, MFT and CJ Webster, MS, MFT, Owners of Stonetree Therapy LLC.
Topics covered: stress management, over-commitment, defining values, self-care, identifying needs, support system development, managing difficult emotions

January 2017:
Renew Yourself with Guided Visualization
Led by Elizabeth Lewis, Personal Development Coach
Topics covered: stress management, resilience building, mindful breathing, grounding strategies, guided visualization

April 2017:
Booth at Skaalen Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Employee Wellness Fair
Topics covered: loving kindness, self-care, defining boundaries, journaling techniques for stress management, incorporate play into your day, developing deeper social connections, difficult situations- death of a patient, staying mentally fit & active

April 2017:
Yoga-thon at Jules Pilates Studio
Topics covered: body awareness, mindful breathing, yoga for stress management

April 2017:
Moonlight Meditation
Led by Chris Smith, MDiv, LMFT as a part of Young Professionals Week
Topics covered: stress management, mindful breathing, mindful speaking, mindful movement, meditation

July 2017:
Sponsor of: “The Depression Cure” Book Club
Led by Ashley Clemens, MS, LMFT and CJ Webster, MS, LMFT, Owners of Stonetree Therapy LLC.

October 2017:
Self-Care Massage and Positive Self-Talk at Porchlight’s Nakoosa Campus
Led by Nik Neu, LMT, Owner of All The King’s Horses Massage LLC.
Topics covered: positive self-talk, self massage, breathing exercises, neurological exercises for mental health

November 2017:
You got this!  The Practice of Self Care and Resilience in Every Day Living
for staff and leadership at Skaalen Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Led by Kerri Weishoff, MS, CCC-SLP, NBC-HWC and Chris Smith, MDiv, LMFT
Topics covered: stress management, resilience, mindfulness, loving kindness, mental health and wellness in the workplace